Give to our 50th Anniversary Campaign Fundraiser:

This campaign is to honor the impact that our clients, donors, volunteers, staff, and community partners have made in making San Diego a better community for all. We will be highlighting stories every month to celebrate those individuals who have been an integral part of our history and helping us to change lives. Our goal with this campaign is to also raise $50,000 to continue the work we have done and still have to do. 

50th Anniversary Donor Tiers

How to donate to CCSA:

We have three ways to make a financial donation to CCSA. You may donate securely online, gift stock/securities, or securely mail a check. For those who are dedicated to the CCSA mission, we invite you to join our donors association – The Good Neighbors of CCSA. To learn more about The Good Neighbors of CCSA and other options for financial donation, please see below!

CCSA depends on you - our Good Neighbors - to help us do our work. We thank our generous friends for caring.

Who are our Good Neighbors?

Good Neighbors of CCSA –Community Christian Services Agency’s Good Neighbors are friends that are committed to supporting CCSA’s mission by financially supporting our programs. Our Good Neighbors help us to focus on what matters most, helping the San Diego community through emergency services, food and clothing distributions, first aid care, and transportation assistance. A small donation goes a long way as every $8 provides a San Diego neighbor with the emergency resources they need and every $40 provides a family with a week’s worth of groceries. Help us support those in need by signing up today to become a dedicated CCSA Good Neighbor!

Diamond Neighbors ($1500+)

How You Make a Difference: Your donation helps at least 187 individuals or 37 families with the basic necessities they need to thrive.

Benefits: Recognition on social media and website, annual donor basket, and a plaque in honor of your gift and tour at the Clairemont facility with coffee and a board member.

Gold Neighbors ($750-1499)

How You Make a Difference: Your donation helps at least 93 individuals or 18 families with the basic necessities they need to thrive.

Benefits: Recognition on website, annual donor gift, and *tour of the Clairemont facility with coffee.

Silver Neighbors ($250-749)

How You Make a Difference: Your donation helps at least 31 individuals or 6 families with the basic necessities they need to thrive.

Benefits: Recognition on our website and *tour of Clairemont facility with coffee.

Bronze Neighbors ($100-249)

How You Make a Difference: Your donation helps at least 12 individuals or 2 families with the basic necessities they need to thrive.

Benefits: Recognition on our website

*For our eligible Good Neighbors, to book a tour and coffee with a CCSA board member, just call 858.273.1788 for an appointment.

Join our Good Neighbors club today and make a meaningful difference in the lives of your fellow San Diego Neighbors. We thank you for love and kindness!

More ways to donate? See below!

Stock Donation

If you would like to make a gift through shares of stock to CCSA you may do so electronically through your broker or through the actual giving of stock certificates to CCSA. An electronic donation is the easiest and quickest way to donate your stock.

Your broker will need the following information to carry out your instructions: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney DTC Number: 0418
CCSA Account Number: 269-118870-0-255

Our stock broker is:

The Blotner Group
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
4350 La Jolla Village Drive Suite 1000
San Diego, CA 92122

Mail a Check

Please mail your donation to:
Community Christian Service Agency
4167 Rappahannock
San Diego, CA 92117

Donate Securely Online

A Special Thank You to Our 2023 Good Neighbors:

If you would like to be a part of our 2024 recognition list, you can make a donation by December 31st, 2024! 

Diamond Neighbors ($1500+)

David J.

Todd D.

Joan H.

Kathie & David B.

Don S.

Marlene C.

Lawrence & Patricia F.

Michael & Barbara M.

John W.

Alice & William P.

June M.

George & Sarilee A.

Salvatore & Deborah B.

Stephen G.

Laurence & Bonnie E.

Jonel S.

Roger G.

Bradford B.

Sharlene & Raymond H.

Anthony D.

John B.

Tim & Leslie P.

Gary S.

Church of St. Mary Magdalene & Supporter

University City United Church

Union Congregational Church

Pacific Beach Christian Church

Hope Lutheran Church of Linda Vista

Immaculata Church Supporter

Good Samaritan Episcopal Church

St. Brigid Catholic Church

Christ Lutheran Church

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School

St Mark’s United Methodist Church

Community Congregational Church

 Gold Neighbors ($750 – $1499)

Ralph & Peggy S.

Mark O.

Janet S.

Amanda G.

James &Heidi A.

Linda M.

Donald & Betty E.

Roseann M.

Charles & Kathleen M.

Norman & Betty Z.

Patricia & Eugene E.

Andrew & Sally B.

Monica K.

Gladys T.

Edward C.

Cynthia J.

Carl & Janet L.

C. N.

Mary E.

Jay H.

Henry & Patricia T.

Clairemont Covenant Church

Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church

La Jolla United Methodist Church

Clairemont Christian Church

Silver Neighbors ($250 – $749)  

Reynaldo & Elizabeth V.

Deborah & Greg M.

Sara T.

Howard W.

Sarah C.

Kris N.

Paula T.

Rod B.

Ebert & Lorena L.

Marilyn & David H.

Inez W.

Elaine T.

John & Helen M.

Tom B.

Richard & Sylvia Lynn M.

Jerry L.

Doris R.

Christina C.

Robert & Cheryl H.

Judith B.

Joyce D.

Victoria & James T.

Charles W.

Dr. Joseph W.

Bruce & Marlene M.

David & Dawn L.

Bev G.

Randall W.

Richard B.

Roseann & William M.

James M.

Mary T.

Laurie R.

Ann S.

Shirley C.

Jeannine R.

Renate P.

Sondra B.

Richard &Therese C.

Carl N.

Roman & Wendy K.

Thomas & Kathleen H.

Renee H.

Alan & Nancy K.

Patti V.

Gary & Karen S. 

Leif & Ginger N.

Wayne B.

Pacific Beach United Methodist Church

All Saints Lutheran Church Supporter

St David’s Episcopal Church

Clairemont Lutheran Church

Pioneer Ocean View United Church of Christ

Bronze Neighbors ($100 – $249)  

Peggy B.

Peggy H.

Don & Elvira N.

Raymond & Deborah P.

Donna & Andy G.

James and Grace S.

Edna O.

Rhonda R.

Jess & Carol M.

David G.

Richard & Joanne T.

Lorna F.

Rita L.

Georgia & William H.

Cheryl P.

Carol & Barney H.

Joan D.

Matthew M.

Joan L.

Heather & Richard G.

John & Lourdes M.

Patricia & William F.

Josua P.

Charles & Ann K.

Craig & Christine J.

Laura W.

Belle & Wiliam A.

Francis & Marie C.

Thomas  & Barbara L. 

Martha J.

Carl & Marilyn M.

Gil L.

Tina G.

Paul L.

Tracy S.

Elizabeth B.

Karen B.

Mary & Douglas S.

Wilda R.

Deanna I.

William & Betty P.

Nancy & Charles U.

William  K.

Lynn & Ten E.

William H.

Kenneth & Sandra J.

Carol S.

Aaron & Helen R.

  1. K. A.

Gary and Aida J.

Adrianna W.

Melvin & Susan J.

Robert & Katherine B.

David L.

Sandra A.

Harriet C.

Phyllis D.

Hongyee L.

Katherine B.

Dr. John B.

David & Debra G.

Donna S.

Bob and Barbara I.

Margaret R.

Richard & Joy L.

Barbara B.

James & Dorothy K.

Lucie & Douglas S.

Jean H.

Ann & Robert M.

Newton F.

Judy M.

Martha B.

Stephen & Lorna A.

John & Veronica B.

Shoreline Church

We would also like to recognize and thank our Good Neighbors who support us through clothing and food donations for July 2022:

Big Lots Poway 

Big Lots Rosecrans 

Sprouts Clairemont 

Sprouts Genesee

Target Balboa 

Target Rosecrans 

Target South Park 

238 lbs 

378 lbs

15169 lbs

8167 lbs

6139 lbs 

1014 lbs 

1643 lbs