It's Time for Christmas Gift Baskets! Sponsor a Family Today!

Last year, we had a wonderful Christmas Gift Basket Program that provided over 250 baskets to families in need. This year we plan to bring joy to even more families! Help us reach our goal of delivering 275 Christmas baskets to our neighbors in need! You can support this program by creating your own gift basket, donating items for the baskets, or making a monetary donation for us to purchase items.

Each family that is sponsored will receive a festive Christmas Food Basket which has been created for them.  These baskets will contain non-perishable food for the family.  In addition, there will be one $50.00 gift card per family from Target or Walmart for additional items.  Families that have 1-4 members will receive ONE food basket and ONE gift card.  Families that have 5-8 members will receive TWO food baskets and a $75 gift card. We will also create festive Christmas gift bags for our neighbors experiencing homelessness which will include a $15 gift card to purchase ready to eat meals.

Thank you for your generosity & support!

Sponsor a Family!

Donate Items in Need!

To sponsor a family, you will be required to create 1-2 Christmas baskets. Each food basket may be as festive as you decide but should be filled with non-perishable foods and a $50.00 for small families (1-4) and $75 for large families (5 or more) gift card from Target or Walmart for perishables so that the family can prepare a Christmas dinner. 

Suggested non-perishable foods for the Christmas dinner include the following items:

  • 1 box of stuffing mix
  • 2 canned fruit
  • 1 can of cranberry sauce
  • 1 can of chicken or vegetable broth
  • 1 box of mashed potato mix
  • 2 cans of green beans & corn
  • Gravy
  • 1 box of cake or cookie mix
  • Bag of rice

CCSA asks that all baskets are sealed to prevent any of the contents being lost. The total weight of the basket should be 20-25 pounds maximum!   NOTE: IF YOU ARE A SPONSOR FOR A FAMILY, PLEASE REMEMBER TO MARK YOUR GIFT BASKET(S) WITH THE FAMILY NUMBER YOU RECEIVE IN THE MAIL. If you have not received a family number, please call us at (858) 274-2271. Please bring your baskets to ST. MARK’S UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 3502 CLAIREMONT DR., SAN DIEGO 92117 ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14th, 2022, BETWEEN 8AM AND 5PM. BASKETS WILL BE DISTRUBUTED Thursday, December 15th, 2022, from 8am-5pm. 

If you do not want to sponsor a family, but would like to donate a few items, we will receive donations that will be used to create gift bags for the homeless. CCSA volunteers will create the festive Christmas bags. Donations will be accepted at our Clairemont office beginning Monday, November 7th until December 5th. 

The list below has suggested gift items:

  • New knit gloves
  • New knit caps
  • Candy Bar (small size)
  • A pair of socks
  • Wash Cloth
  • Hygiene products –
  1. toothbrush/paste
  2. chap stick
  3. new brush or comb
  4. toothpaste (travel size)
  5. shampoo & conditioner (travel size)
  6. lotion (travel size)
  7. soap (travel size)
  8. nail clippers

****** $15 Gift card: McDonalds, Rite Aid, Jack in the Box, Subway, Vons Etc.……


Sign up by using the form below and one of our members will get in contact with you! Thank you for your generosity & support!