CCSA's Backpack Program

The response to CCSA’s 2021 annual Back to School backpack program has been a big success. CCSA’s Operations Manager, Connie Villareal, reports that as of August 31, 2021; 578 backpacks have come in to the Rappahannock center for distribution. And, as noted by Connie, distributions have also begun. “We’ve done a great job considering the pandemic is still ongoing,” said Ms. Villarreal, “and are excited to get backpacks to students as they return to the classroom.

Each backpack is filled with grade appropriate supplies for children attending grades K thru 2nd grade, and a separate set of supplies for 3rd through 9th graders. Parents are especially appreciative of resource materials at this time of year when schools reopen and books, clothing, and other ancillary costs of education take center stage.

Backpack donations are still trickling in and will be distributed until all are gone.  A huge thank you to the following churches, organizations, and individuals who donated backpacks: Perette Godwin, St. Mark’s, St. David’s, Barbara Barefield, Clairemont Christian Church, St. Paul’s Lutheran, F.O.C.U.S., Pioneer Oceanview UCC, Sacred Heart Coronado, St. Bridget’s, Holy Cross, San Diego American Legion, Peggy Ray, Christ Lutheran Church Pacific Beach, North Minister Presbyterian Church, Clairemont Lutheran, Clairemont Covenant Church, Janet Stemple, UCC University City, Wendy Bumett, East Clairemont Southern Baptist Church, Good Samaritan Episcopal, United Methodist Pacific Beach, and Leslie Paul.

If you would like to support our backpack program, please contact us by filling out the form below.