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Many, many thanks to those from the Bay Park neighborhoods in the Clairemont community who generously donated food, and to all the volunteers who energetically gave their time and good cheer, at the 13th annual Bay Park Food Drive on Saturday December 2, 2017.  Donations from this drive will go directly to those in need in our community.  A special thank you to Maryann Augustine from Frontline Real Estate office who organized this large community effort.  You are more than awesome!  Over 150 cartons overflowed with food donations!  On behalf of the clients served through CCSA, may all your Christmas celebrations be as happy and fulfilling as you have helped make it for others.  

Making a Difference at Pacific Beach Street Guardians

Paul has been with PBSG for over 8 months now. He started out doing street cleaning for 10 hours a week and it took awhile to get back in to the swing of having a job. After 2 months he said, “It’s a no-brainer now. This is what I do!” He was especially glad to find out how much his work has made an impact on our community. Every shift someone offers up their gratitude for making PB beautiful. “I’ve worked as a professional for more than 15 years at an organization and the only time anyone ever told me I was doing a good job was during my annual review! Now I get to hear it every day – it’s awesome!”

Paul now works between 25 and 30 hours a week. He has earned two raises and now acts as Shift Supervisor…and it’s making a difference for him. “I’m more confident now. I like supporting the new people that come to PBSG. Showing them the ropes builds my own self-esteem. I remember how hard it was at the beginning!”

The thing Paul is most proud of is that he no longer needs any government support. He is has his own phone and buys his own groceries and food wherever he chooses to shop. He has also started a savings account. Paul is moving up our PBSG Ladder to self-sufficiency. Having a job and the support needed to be successful is what it’s all about. Do you want to learn more?  See below for further information, or visit the website at www.pbstreetguardians.org, or call at 858.900.7024.

How You Can Help

  • Volunteer your time
  • Donate food, clothing, hygiene items, or stock
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