2016 Cash4Food Fund Raiser

CCSA is receiving a $15,000.00 dollar for dollar match on funds raised by 15 November 2016. Please help us achieve this match!
  • Here's how you can Make a tax deductible donation: Mail a check to: CCSA Cash4Food, 4167 Rappahannock, San Diego CA 92117.
  • Donate Via Paypal


CCSA will be taking signups for donors to the Christmas Gift Basket program, as well as the Gift Bags for the Homeless program.
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Helping People Make Positive Changes

A Young Veteran’s Story

A young veteran in her mid 20s had fallen on hard times and was struggling to make ends meet.  She had served in the military for 4 years and had been honorably discharged.  Since she had no family members to stay with, her only option was to share a place with 6 roommates in an undesirable neighborhood.  With no car and little hope, she made it to our Pacific Beach facility and met with one of our caring guidance counselors.

They immediately provided the young woman with the proper resources to get her back on her feet, into a safe place and the encouragement to start a new life.

Jesse’s Story

A homeless man name Jesse frequently visited our Pacific Beach facility.  Often, he just needed someone to talk to or seek clean clothing.  From out of state, Jesse had come to San Diego in the hopes of cleaning up his life and was in desperate need of guidance and direction.   He had suffered the loss of an eye from a broken bottle injury, lost his ID and belongings and was living in his car.

His simple goal was to, one day, go back home – take his mother to a restaurant for dinner and become a better father to his four children.  CCSA wanted to help Jesse reach his goal.   In time, things got better; he found a job as a dishwasher, worked hard and kept saving his earnings.  A few months later, we were delighted to receive a note from Jesse telling us that he was finally able to make it home!

There are dozens of stories like the one's above.  CCSA's goal is to ensure San Diego's less fortunate have food, clothing and the proper resources to help them towards a better life. We always welcome donations and volunteers.

Expanding our wings

CCSA has partnered with on-site coordinator at 1050 B St in downtown San Diego where housing is provided for those on fixed incomes. CCSA will be providing food to residents who, due to the lack of transportation, are unable to come to our food pantry.  CCSA will be working closely with the on-site coordinator, providing can goods, fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, meats and other items, which can be very costly for many people.

Clothing Needed 7-12-2016

Exchange of Referrals

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  • Volunteer your time
  • Donate food, clothing, hygiene items, or stock
  • Read more How you can help


  • Sprouts for weekly food donations.
  • Many thanks to the generosity of ELCA Women of the Pacifica Synod who met at Christ Lutheran Church on Saturday, March 5, 2016!  They are a group of women who not only hear and profess the mission of responding to the need of others, but make positive action happen.This group donated 1145 Hygiene items for those in need to clients of CCSA!  You HAVE made a difference!
  • A BIG thank you to City View Ministry Outreach for the Food and Clothing collection that was given to Community Christian Service Agency at the Women's Christmas Dessert on Wednesday December 9th, 2015.  This group collected 417 food items and 200 clothing articles to help those in need in San Diego.  This type of donation is particularly helpful during this holiday season when those in need have an even tougher ongoing struggle.  Ladies, you have made a difference in the lives of those who come for assistance!  Thank you for sharing what you have with others. This IS what it is all about!
  • Northminister Presbyterian - Greeting Cards Makers for a food donation
  • St Mary Magdalene Church - Catholic Daughters and Rosary Makers for their continued support
  • BIG Thank you to Brother Benno in Oceanside for a donation of 390 food bags.
  • 99 Cups of Coffee on Cass St for donation of coffee and pastries
  • Hearts & Hands (Jeanne Schultz) for donation of hats and gloves
  • San Diego Branch Church on Clairemont Mesa Ave for donation of food collected
  • Coco's restaurant on Nobel Dr. for donating pies for the holidays!
  • F.O.C.U.S. (Friends of Children United Society) of Coronado recently refurbished the outdoor play area for children of our clients.  They fenced the area and provided new toys, too.
  •  Animal Protection & Rescue League Thrift Store has provided clothing items for our clients since 2004!
  • Karen Scanlon provided the funds to purchase a new storage shed for children's clothing.  Volunteers have also installed new shelving and reorganized the storage areas for men's and women's clothes.
  • Charlie's Bakery - fresh bread weekly
  • Fairmont Grand Hotel Del Mar- food donations
  • King Technologies- Computer equipment and services
  • Senior Gleaners- fresh fruit
  • Target Express (North Park)- Fresh salads and other food items
  • Camden Sierra - (Otay Ranch)
  • Off the Wall printing-banners
  • Von's - food items
  • Violet's Hair design - Shampoos & soaps
  • Keller Williams Realty - Backpacks
More thank yous

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